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21/9 2011

The Soltech glass tile solar heat collector is installed on top of the Swedark module and ready to start harnessing the power of the sun!

The  artist Pure Evil  from the UK, came by to add a little bit of art to the city farming terrace. Nice!

19/9 A group of students from KTH, The Royal institute of technology, on a visit to the roof. Theese students will work together with some of the green tech companies involved in the project to develop their systems and products.

Strandved´s Cad-modeled and produced gluelam wall has arrived to the roof, in about 50 different pieces. Looking good. And smelling good too!

Bravida, Euronom and Powerit Solutions on a meeting in the subway station basement,  discussing connections, pumps, controll mechanisms, accumulator tanks… and what not. Concerning the heating system for the building.

The Icopal Tiomix roof is FINISHED!! No more leaks on the inside…  


Network meeting. All the collaborating companies on a visit check the progress and commence in further planning..

The soltech system is getting installed on top of the Swedark module.

soltech panes

The soltech glass tiles (made from old TV screens), the main part of their solar heat system, has arrived.

The daylight well is being installed in the main roof. This will give daylight to the entresol level

LTDs daylight well is assembled and ready for the rooftop.

July 23

Thanks to our diligent cityfarmers and their green thumbs, the roof top terraces are now producing all kinds of delicious veggies, fruits, herbs and root fruits. Here the Rhubarbs are getting some water…

Corn & potatoes…




…Mint and bumblebees…

…Kale, cucumbers & Broccoli…


 Spinach, carrots, & dill… & a lot more!

The climbing plants versus the concrete wall. Some tomatoes and salad too.. 

NyFams Nordic green wall is litterary a green explosion. The stainless steel modules is just a memory, hidden  behind the sedum.

Nyfams reinforced grass is growing nicely too…

July 26

The interior is comin along. Part of the to-be kitchen clad with Aquapanel.

Fred & Marie are discussing solutions for kitchen piping


Interior view of the translucent wall.

The translucent wall on the west facing wall is up & installed…  

the green “wild vines” are returning in full force, after being removed earlier due to construction issues…

June 22.

An international group of students of urban farming and permaculture from the Uppsala Universitys center for environment and development studies, on a visit to the city farming terrace. …

..squash, cucumber & our new rotating compost, that will turn plants and food waste into good quality soil in a month!

... pumpkins & tomatoes…

Some heavy rain, mixed with sunshine… good for the plants on the city farming terrace. in this picture the corn is comin along nicely…

The apple tree in bloom. And the twin spires of the church in the background.

June  8

A delegation from the Marne la vallée constellation, a cluster of sustainable communities outside of Paris on a visit to look at the project.

The roof construction on top of Ungdomsvillan is  up.  This is where the Soltech solar system will be installed.

Per Nyström, the founder of NyFam in front of the freshly installed Nordic green wall. This is the first of its kind when it comes to green outdoor walls in nordic climate, and will be tested on top of the terraces during the coming year.

Sven Jacobsson from Strandved, discussing construction solutions with Magnus Johnsson, from Bjerkings.

Larissa Nielsen is planning the site for the Voltair ventilation and heat exchange system with Eric Helmenius & Thomas Franden från Kraft och Kultur.

Leif working with the Handicap access ramp by the main entrance.

View from the main roof over the city farming terrace.

Meeting on the roof concerning solutions for the installation of solar panels and solar cells With Icopal and Niclas Stenlund, Solarus.

The urban farming terrace and ungdomsvillan with apple tree and pine. Cute!

Icopals NoXite roof is getting installed on the main roof.

The pillar ash is looking good on the rooftop.

The construction of the handicap access ramp is underway.

Trädmästarna, our fav arborists and tree specialists in action preparing the plant beds for our beutiful trees…

Shape Sthlm is installing electric wires on the terraces, these wires will feed juice to Tellux LED parklights that will light up the garden during the evenings.

David Gard, the chef who will later on run the restaurant is grilling eco-sausages for the construction crew.

Icopals NoXite roofing is getting installed on the low roof. Noxite contains titanium dioxide granules, that interact and remove toxic nitrates from the air. The titanium also gives the roof a whiteish color that will reflect the sunlight and keep the building and the city a little bit cooler…

The loft is coming up inside the structure. Up there a conference room, a preparation kitchen and a bathroom will later be constructed.

The building frame, and some insulation.

The main structure and the entrance.

The pathway from the park to the urban farming terrace entrance is finished. Nice work Leif!

Just a pretty view from the park…

The Main roof construction is underway.

Another sunny day on the roof!..

Today we got a visit from some urban farming friends from Uppsala, Christopher Wegweiser & Mark Wilson…  Collabs to come!

Nice structural shadowplay

The structure and the street.

Högalidskyrkan through the roof beams

The secondary beams is getting installed

Moelven is arriving with the Glue-lam beams! BIG day!

Some of the leftover re-bar is being removed from the roof top. Tricky operation…

Gotta keep the hardening surface from cracking by keeping it wet. Leif our in-house constructor and carpenter waters the newly poured terrace floor.

Surface work on what will be the floor of the restaurant building.

Fredrik the project leader mixes some cement in order to patch up a few of the pipe holes in the original roof. Preparations for the next part of the base plate.

The Penetron concrete is self sealing and water proof. if cracks emerge in the hardened concrete the special penetron compound will crystalize and seal itself tight. This is to prevent leakage down to the offices below.

Swerock arrives with the Penetron concrete mix..

the re-bar covers the whole main terrace, and mold-walls is installed. the penetron concrete will be poured in two occations. One thicker layer for the building and later one thinner layer for the terrace.

the Combimix crew advancing on the parkside construction..

the concrete fortification bars is spreading…

…Construction of he norhtern facade and the cold storage part of the restaurant is started. Combimix is building the wall and will later put a tiomix, titanium dioxide, coat on the wall.

The  Niklas Forsberg the electrician and Niklas Svensson the project leaderworking in the spring sun.

The NBT construction team working on the roof, Hornsbruksgatan below.

Pipes connecting the terrace level with water mains, accumulator tanks and other system components that is situated on street level, sticks up through the re-bar.

Baseplate construction underway. Steel reinforcement is installed where the glue-lam beams will later be erected, in the square holes to the left.

Material supplies on the second terrace. Högalids church in the back.

the concrete reinforcement is arriving… tonnes of it.

Preparation for re-bar installation, piping and electricity. And patching up holes in the water barrier to avoid leakage to the offices below… we had plenty of water pouring down anyhow… Now it seems dry though.

Cleanup time. The last bag of sand and concrete and various other garbage  is lifted down from the roof…

Construction starts with the removal of the old concrete plant beds, and the concrete paving stones and the layer of sand uderneath them,  in order to construct a new base plate that will be the foundation of the building and the main terrace.

Demolision of the old plant beds…

February 2011, the terraces still untouched and resting under the snow cover.